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Spark your business’ potential by discovering and creating new value

Our team of dedicated strategy and design specialists solve your organisation’s unique challenges with forward-looking strategies, new innovations and outstanding design.

We deliver scenarios and concepts for the future, innovation processes and roadmaps, business models, branding, spaces, products and services.

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Case Study

The versatile Creative Garden product family brings joy for urban gardeners

Kekkilä wants to boost ‘green design’ and make the creation of green spaces easy for all of their customers. Kekkilä presented us with the tough challenge of tapping into the aspirations of home gardeners and conceptualizing them into a suitable solution.

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Case Studies

Woodio – Transforming material innovation into a desirable brand and product portfolio

The starting point in our business and design assignment with Woodio was a new kind of material innovation. The wood composite, a material made of solid wood and sustainable polymers, is ecological and fully water resistant, solid and recyclable.

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Fazer Bakery

Package renewal for Oululainen’s Traditional Finnish Rye Bread

The Traditional Finnish Rye Bread received an easily recoqnizable identity and a sign that work well in the shelf, packaging as well as in marketing communication.

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Long & Short Insights

Suunnittelimme pakkauksen @FazerSuomi & @sulapac ensimmäiseen yhteistyöhön: käsintehtyjä konvehteja mikromuovittomassa, kompostoituvassa pakkauksessa!

2.12. asti aikaa hakea meille tuotanto-AD:ksi! Voit valita haluatko tehdä työn määräaikaisena vai freelancerina:

#rekry #tyopaikka #duuni #rekrytointi #tuotantoad #maaraaikainen #freelancer #helsinki #pentagondesign

Me tarvitaan tuotanto-AD! Hae heti ja viimeistään 2.12., sillä tehtävä täytetään heti sopivan tekijän löydyttyä!

#tuotantoad #rekry #duuni #freelancer #pentagondesign

Strategisen muotoilun koulutuksessa tänään Arni Aromaa sanoi monta fiksua asiaa, mm. että muotoilusta on tulossa uusi normaali @Design_Forum @pentagon_design #designthinking

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