Marimekko Kioski


Contemporary retail concept to showcase bold classics for new generation of Marimekko fans.

Brändikonseptit, Myymäläsuunnittelu, Tilasuunnittelu, Design & brändiohjeistukset, Graafinen suunnittelu, Design DNA

Marimekko had a plan to launch new unisex clothing collection and build unique standalone retail concept for it. Marimekko Kioski products are iconic with street credibility, creating a totally new concept of its own. Objectives was to create independent and unique retail concept which is also modular and scalable solution for high end department stores.


In the beginning of the project, together with Marimekko core team focus was in creating common understanding of the desired target group, defining preliminary service concept and drafting possible design directions for the retail concept.
Marimekko Kioski concept needed to fulfil omnichannel principles. The physical retail solution needed to raise attention in the right target group and to be step to more bold and playful direction. Early prototypes of the retail solution and new collection was validated with qualitative consumer testing by presenting the concrete retail solution to the hand picked users representing the target group.


Marimekko Kioski is a modular retail concept for wholesale environments highlighting contemporary and playful androgyne collection of iconic street credible classics. Concept has high-contrast black and white look and feel with small dots of colour in the products. Kioski was launched simultaneously in Finland and abroad focusing to the main export markets like Japan. Concept is implemented also to selected Marimekko flagship stores. Marimekko Kioski serves easy bits of joy in the form of new products. Each item has been carefully chosen to reflect the attitude Marimekko Kioski stands for – joy on the go. Concept has been a great success in all markets and has established its position as a new line of radical classics in Marimekko collections.

Marimekko Kioski is a curated clothing collection celebrating creativity.

New line of radical classics in Marimekko collections.