Yhteinen ilmamme - Campaign and website to promote air quality in Helsinki

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Website and marketing campaign to raise the awareness of air quality among residents

Concept design, Service design, Web design, UX design, UI design, Motion Design, Visual identity, Marketing campaign

Although the air in Helsinki is cleaner than many other European cities, levels of air pollutants in the air can rise significantly occasionally here too. Increasing the awareness around air quality and managing the risks involved when being exposed to high levels of pollution is important and can save lives.

Our objective was to create a simple but effective campaign to present the actions that residents can take to keep air quality on a good level in the city. The challenge was to find a way to communicate the topic on a general level yet delivering practical information on how to change the behaviour and preserve the air quality in the city.


The project involved experts from various public organizations and leading universities participating in workshops to unpack the challenges involved when communicating about air quality.

From the discussions we learnt that traffic, road dust and woodburning are the three most important sources of pollutants in Helsinki and therefore represent an opportunity to encourage residents to reconsider their living and commuting habits.

To help convey the messages in an engaging and effective way, we focused on developing a storyline that connects with people’s emotions related to breathing air and sharing their lives in the city. This was captured by the tagline “Yhteinen ilmamme”, emphasising the importance of air quality as a shared resource, linking our actions as residents to the quality of the air that is shared.


The website introduces the visitor to the three main themes of the campaign: traffic, road dust and woodburning. Each topic is presented with supporting data that shows the impact on the air quality, information on how the city is tackling the situation and a list of tips residents can follow to do their part in striving for better air quality.

To give it a distinct look, the campaign visuals are inspired by the floating and breathing movement of air particles. The use of gradient and soft shapes captures the viewers attention and invites them to read the content. To support the launch of the campaign site, we designed and produced an outdoor campaign and social media content to direct traffic to the site. The campaign site is currently managed by City of Helsinki and can be accessed until the end of the campaign period at yhteinenilmamme.fi

“Cooperation with the Pentagon team was smooth and we were satisfied with the results of the project. The materials for the outdoor advertising campaign were very successful”

Jussi Kulonpalo, Project manager, City of Helsinki

hope pentagon