Building Fazer as a design house – a partnership on many layers

fazer pentagon

Fazer is an iconic brand house, founded in 1891. We have worked closely with Fazer from 2013 onwards in several business areas, including Fazer Confectionery, Fazer Bakery, Fazer Mills and Fazer Bageri in Sweden.

Our cooperation with Fazer Confectionery started in 2013 with the Fazer LAKRITSI concept project. Over the years the partnership has expanded to include strategic assignments, insight-driven concept development, and implementation planning.

Strategic collaborative projects have in most part involved future customer insight-based development work and, for example, drafting of roadmaps together with Fazer’s teams. We have developed concepts iteratively that have significant value for different stakeholders by validating the direction with the customer perspective in an agile manner along the way. Based on these, we have created striking outcomes that build the brand. For example, by designing visual identities and renewing packaging based on the set targets.

As a concept design partner for Finland’s leading brand house, we have got the opportunity to develop brands that consumers love with a customer-driven approach. The development work has in some cases begun from an early stage of research and continued to finishing branding and communication materials in certain projects.

The making of superior customer experience is mutual in all projects. For Fazer’s products, the importance of packaging is undisputed, since the purchase decision is often made in the store and the packaging must communicate both the rational and emotional qualities of the brand. On the other hand, the Fazer Candy Store project aimed at creating a comprehensive customer experience in e-commerce.

During our collaboration, Fazer has strongly been building its in-house competences in concept development and design expertise, part of which we have together developed Fazer’s design strategy and related practices and tools. The goal has been to harmonize practices and support the work of Fazer’s design team and its role in different ways.

Collaboration with Fazer is built on mutual trust, common goals and positive challenging of one another. This is made possible by a good understanding of the client’s industry. In the ways of working, we have utilized various agile methods in order to understand the target consumer comprehensively and to feed the creative process. So, our cooperation has been both fruitful and inspiring, and fun.

”Thanks to the close and versatile collaboration, the Pentagon Design’s crew knows well Fazer’s brands and markets. It is therefore easy to start new cases. Together with the Pentagon Design’s team, close teamwork from the moment of the briefing onwards brings a new perspective and develops the project throughout its duration.”

–Heikki Savolainen, Director, Fazer Group

Our collaboration in brief

Since 2013

Partners in design strategy, concept development, and package design


Overarching design concepts created


Finland’s first online candy store


Insight-driven packages designed

Product portfolio and innovation roadmaps

Building the future competitive offering and mapping the steps to get there

Design & brand guidelines

Overarching Fazer design principles, as well as brand specific guidelines