Claiming the industry leader position through outstanding brand experiences

Framery is an industry pioneer that manufactures and develops soundproof phone booths and collaborative work spaces for open plan offices. We have been part of their growth journey since 2016.

Our collaboration begun in 2016, when we were selected as a partner to design the fair stand of Framery for Orgatec trade fair organized in Germany. Since then, we have collaborated on an extensive amount of projects together with different business units and teams within the company, ranging from marketing to research and further to sales, human resources and product development. Together we have succeeded in crystallizing and concretizing the brand of Framery into memorable experiences created through various spatial, physical, and digital touchpoints, including the headquarters brand showroom and numerous fair stands. Additionally, we have co-created manuals for creating a holistic and cohesive brand experience also at local events and dealer showrooms around the world.


In collaboration, we have produced various means to strengthen the Framery brand experience through the different touchpoints. This entity has enabled Framery to successfully claim its position as a market leader within the industry, and to communicate the brand to selected target groups in an impactful way. The Brand Experience Showroom, built at the company headquarters located in Tampere, is the strongest and the most comprehensive place for experiencing Framery brand. Framery fair stands, designed for various prominent global trade fairs and exhibitions, stand out and communicate the brand as well as the key messages, company strengths, values and product portfolio in a vivid and memorable manner. With the aim to support the creation of unified brand experiences at a global scale, a showroom-in-a-showroom manual for dealers and a local event guide for Framery sales representatives were created. The purpose of these manuals is to inspire and provide practical guidance in how the brand is brought to life and products showcased in varying contexts, ensuring that clients globally experience the brand in a unified manner.

Since the beginning of our collaboration, Framery has grown extremely both in terms of revenue and the number of employees globally. Through our work, we have contributed and supported their growth by working tightly side by side with their marketing and event production teams, co-developing and streamlining their process of participating at global trade fairs, co-creating meaningful contents as well as conducting the design and implementation processes of the physical fair stands. The extensive scope and range of collaboration has enabled us to accumulate invaluable tacit knowledge regarding the processes and the organization over the years. Hence, as the organization has grown, we have participated in briefing the new employees and passed on the knowledge gained through the learnings derived from previously completed design and research processes.

Our contribution to the Framery product portfolio has included producing product ideas and concept designs as well as corresponding to novel user needs and use cases. Through design and consultancy services, we have contributed to defining the foundation for developing the design DNA of Framery. Co-developing product concepts and discovering new opportunities have supported the client in defining the design direction and helped in decision-making. Additionally, we have defined the color palette and prepared a Sample Kit of Framery signature materials to support the sales of the products.

An integral part of the process of designing the Framery visitor experience for the showroom and fair stands has been concepting, designing and implementing contents to be communicated through different channels. This part has included collaboratively producing both the user interfaces and content ranging from the campaign websites to digital information sheets, videos and quizzes. The animated videos crystallize and showcase the brand and operation of Framery, and inspirational video contents in the showroom convey a desired atmosphere in an immersive, surprising and memorable way.

“Pentagon Design has boosted our growth and created strong brand experiences to multiple channels”

–Lasse Karvinen, Head of Products

Collaboration in brief

Since 2016


Showroom concepts


Fair stand designs


Product concepts


Sample kit


Animated videos

”The showroom impresses with its impact. It’s a spectacular experience that enables all of us to easily tell the brand story!”

Martina Viitanen, PR & Communications Lead, Framery

The Framery Brand Experience Showroom located in Tampere was defined as the strongest and most prominent place to convey the brand through a series of immersive spatial experiences. The idea of the showroom is to introduce and showcase Framery brand in as immersive and comprehensive way as possible and to provide the visitors with striking experiences that convey a varying scale of different atmospheres, while simultaneously telling the story of Framery in an illustrative, interesting and multisensory way.

The renewal of Framery brand concept and visual identity set the starting point for the development of the experience. Furthermore, the selected target groups to be reached and key messages to be communicated through various touchpoints were defined together with the marketing team and set the framework for developing the spatial experience concept for the headquarters showroom.

An impressive multisensory brand experience

The main purpose of Framery Brand Experience Showroom is to provide the visitors with vivid and memorable brand experiences. The showroom serves as the place for brand storytelling for the showroom visitors, and as a source of pride for “Framerians”, the company employees. It showcases the story of Framery, their mission and way of operating, as well as the unique product experiences in different use environments that are aligned with the brand visuality and tone of voice. The Brand Experience Showroom enables the visitors to peek into the operating environments of the company clients, where the products are in everyday use. The stories, voices and experiences of the global clients are conveyed to the visitors in different multisensory ways.

Striking and immersive fair experiences

Framery fair stands aim to stand out by providing a striking and impactful brand experience in different ways. First, the goals and contents for each fair stand are defined together with the client. Based on these starting points, we produce ideas regarding the display of products, means to communicate the brand and key messages, as well as interpret the desired visitor experience into a scripted visitor journey that is realized through various spatial, physical and digital touchpoints. Every stand is designed to be unique and distinct, while simultaneously being aligned with the Framery brand. Based on the case-by-case needs and possibilities, the structures and elements of previous stands can be utilized in the building of the new fair stands.

”The fair stands showcasing the brand and products in a manner that is of high quality have been exquisitely well received by the clients and event organizers.”

—Kalle Airila, Event Marketing Lead

The role of Pentagon Design in the design of fair stands can be tailored according to the client needs, ranging from an extensive service to consultation on a specific area. In some cases, we take charge in collaboratively designing the whole concepts of the fair stands and the contents, while in some cases we have focused on the visual design and defining the desired experiences and means to achieve them. In collaboration with clients, builders and other stakeholders we have created an effective preparation and design process model that successfully brings the designs from draft board to execution. Through this process, we have aimed to create a model that is cost-effective, agile, flexible and impactful in the long term.

Nordic Business Forum 2018

(Photo: Niki Soukkio)


Nordic Business Forum 2018

(Photo: Niki Soukkio)

Orgatec 2018

(Photo: Niki Soukkio)

Orgatec 2018

(Photo: Niki Soukkio)

Nordic Business Forum 2018

(Photo: Nordic Business Forum)


Showroom in-a-showroom Guide

Dealers are provided with an inspiring toolkit to introduce and showcase Framery products and to create the brand experience in a unified manner globally around the world. The guide supports the creation of a coherent Framery experience that conveys the brand visuality and tone of voice, while providing the dealers with a comprehensive and hands-on toolkit to realize Framery brand experience at their local premises. The purpose of the manual is to engage and inspire the dealers to invest in Framery brand at their own showrooms, and thus allow them to personally experience the impact of the brand experience in e.g. product sales.

Local Event Guide

Targeted for Framery sales representatives, the guide was produced to support the organization of local events globally. The purpose of the guide is to ensure that Framery brand is showcased in a unified manner at local events and specialized, smaller trade fairs around the world. The manual aims to inspire and practically guide in organizing and participating at local events that showcase Framery contents, messages and products in a manner that creates a desired visitor experience. Moreover, the manual guides in adapting an approach, tone of voice and visuality that are aligned with the brand.

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