Fazer Bakery

Package renewal for Oululainen’s Traditional Finnish Rye Bread

The Traditional Finnish Rye Bread received an easily recoqnizable identity and a sign that work well in the shelf, packaging as well as in marketing communication.

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reissumies pentagon
Fazer Bakery

Oululainen Reissumies – a package renewal for an iconic bestseller in the market

The overall aim for the brand renewal was to highlight Reissumies bread in the minds of consumers, remind of the delicious taste and uplift the brand experience with updated visual identity and convenient new package sizes.

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pentagondesign woodio

Woodio – Transforming material innovation into a desirable brand and product portfolio

The starting point in our business and design assignment with Woodio was a new kind of material innovation. The wood composite, a material made of solid wood and sustainable polymers, is ecological and fully water resistant, solid and recyclable.

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Fazer pentagondesign
Fazer Confectionery

Welcome to the online Fazer Candy Store

Fast-moving consumer brands are building their digital footprint in multiple ways. Our goal was to design a web store that makes Fazer a forerunner in the online sales of confectionery.

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Kekkilä Garden

Shaping the balcony and gardening experience of Nordic city homes

Kekkilä presented us and our trusted companion Pentagon Insight with the tough challenge of tapping into the aspirations of home gardeners and conceptualizing them into a suitable solution.

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Pentagon design - Vitra

Nest – a modular bathroom product line

Our client presented us with the challenge of designing functional and Scandinavian mid-segment product line, which would be suitable for all current and future VitrA markets.

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Pentagon Design Fazer makeiset design strategia
Fazer Confectionery

A design DNA creates synergies at Fazer

For an iconic brand house like Fazer, design is key in creating a superior customer experience.

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From building apartments to selling a lifestyle

The unique project created an opportunity to develop an unforeseen service infrastructure that makes life more pleasant for the future residents.

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The National Museum Helsinki
National Museum of Finland

The New National Vision creates a high-quality museum experience

The New National Vision aims to be a functional and architectural reinterpretation of what ‘national’ for Finns means today.

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Case Study OP

OP on the Go provides convenient banking anywhere

The Finnish financial giant OP is aiming to deliver top customer experience, while evolving from a traditional financial group to a diversified service company.

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Pentagon Design - joki turku
Turku Technology Properties & Turku Science Park

Joki showcases the best of Turku

Beginning in 2014, we’ve developed the holistic visitor concept and the operational model of the Joki Visitor and Innovation Centre.

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Becoming the destination for home decorating and interior design

As digitalization continues to transform retail, Vepsäläinen aspired to redesign its physical store concept and service structure to better meet the expectations of today’s consumers.

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Fazer Confectionery

Fazer LAKRITSI – creating a new brand with the visual heritage

The visual identity of LAKRITSI packaging concept was inspired by the traditional salmiakki visuals, bringing the iconic elements into a contemporary form.

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