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Business design, Service design, Concept design, Design management, Brand concepts, Digital design, Customer & visitor experience design, Visual identities & guidelines, Graphic design, Destination branding, UX, UI

The City of Turku, Turku Science Park and Turku Technology Properties had recognized the need for a shared exhibition, co-operation and meeting point for the various organizations of the Turku area.

Together they commissioned our team to design and develop a holistic visitor experience for the new center. This included designing the concept of the Joki brand and exhibitions between 2014 and 2017.

The Visitor and Innovation Center is a combination of close collaboration between the city, educational institutions, and the industry. It provides a unique platform for the partners to present their products and services, as well as organize events and training. The beautiful new building was designed by Arosuo Architects and is located in the Science Park of Turku.


Beginning in 2014, we’ve developed the holistic visitor concept and the operational model of the center. The concept of the center was developed in close cooperation with the client as well as the partner companies, the city of Turku and educational institutions.

As part of this, our team created the concepts for exhibitions. Moreover, we briefed content creation for the digital exhibitions, Cave theater, and the changing exhibitions. For the digital showroom and augmented reality experience for the city of Turku exhibition, we designed UX and UIs for the partners to implement.

Ever since the architectural competition, the project has had a strong user perspective. It included considering various kinds of user groups, their needs and motivation, as well as possible use cases of the center. User perspective was key in developing an impactful visitor experience and in the conceptualization and sales of partner packages.

Additionally, our work included developing a comprehensive brand concept and visual identity for the center. The visual identity concept included a guiding design of interiors and wayfinding to digital showroom design and website.


The newly opened Joki Visitor and Innovation Center is an incomparable destination. It brings together the city and businesses and provides a unique platform for companies of all sizes to showcase their offering, co-operate and organize events. Joki interactively displays the strengths, expertise, and prospects of the Turku region, which is an innovative and competitive environment for businesses and investors.

We designed a comprehensive visitor experience, which is epitomized by the digital showroom, Cave theater, and supported by various workshop spaces and changing exhibitions. The center provides also services for organizing events and exhibitions.

All in all, Joki offers a state-of-the-art visitor experience which is supported by high-quality exhibition content and a strong brand identity. Opened to the public in December 2017, Joki has become a highlight in the city of Turku for both domestic and international guests.

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Pentagon design - Details

Pentagon design - Details

Pentagon design - Details