Accelerating growth
and internationalization
through strategic design partnership

Orthex Group is the leading Nordic producer of household products that make everyday life easier for the consumer. Since 2000, we have worked together to elevate their design competence.

We have established and increased the stance of design in Orthex’ growing business operations in all levels of the organization. Moreover, we have helped in building design strategy to support growth in international markets.

The strategy work has included defining product portfolio structures and guidelines for product design DNA and the brand of Orthex Group. In addition, we have carried out product development for hundreds of products from concept level definition to the production documents.

Today, the products of Orthex Group reach customers already in 40 countries on four continents. Having three of its own factories enables the company to launch a variety of new products every year.

”Design is the key factor in the export markets. For example, entering to German markets would not have been possible without good design and quality. These have enabled the opening of a sales office in Germany 2016.”

–Alexander Rosenlew, Managing Director at Orthex Group

Our collaboration in brief

Since 2000

Partners in design and growth


Customer-driven products designed


Overarching design concepts & product families created

Product portfolio, design & branding guidelines

Managerial outputs for strategy implementation produced

From 3% to 10%

Increase in the share of design-led novelty products from turnover since 2010


New countries introduced with Orthex products since 2010

“Orthex Group becoming a more design-oriented company has raised the employer brand and attracts now more competent applicants for all positions.”

–Alexander Rosenlew, Managing Director, Orthex Group