From building apartments to selling a lifestyle

Pentagon design case study - SRV


What does the future of high-rise living in Kalasatama look like for the residents?

Trend analysis, Future foresight & scenarios, Customer insight, Transformation design, Concept design, Service design, Business design, Experience design, Spatial design

SRV’s REDI is a unique building project. It’s a shopping centre with 200 shops and restaurants that form the basis for eight high-rise buildings: homes and workplaces for about 2,000 people in the near future.

The unique project created an opportunity to develop an unforeseen service infrastructure that makes life more pleasant for the future residents.

Our task was to develop a method for service concept creation in construction projects. To truly understand the customer’s needs, we invited the future residents to take part in the design process.

The concept’s business aspects, i.e. guaranteeing the viability and estimating the true costs of the services were also a vital part of the project.

All this work came together smoothly to form a new model for service development in high-rise living.


We used service design methods to build a user-need-driven service offering for different housing development projects.

SRV had already studied the needs and expectations of people interested in high-rise living. The study gave birth to a value-based segmentation that was utilized throughout the work. In addition, we evaluated current living trends along with local and international benchmarks to support the service concept development.

Co-inspiration and co-validation approaches helped our team to better understand the latent needs of future residents and to imagine various new services.

To ensure feasibility and to avoid overcharges, our strategists then analyzed the realization and cost of the services imagined.


The outcome and benefit for our client formed are twofold.

First, the Services for Living model increases understanding of human needs. This supports the architecture planning related to shared spaces, as well as the building of a service system in future building projects. The framework makes it possible to create solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of the future residents.

Second, the physical manifestation of the new approach is the REDI Living Lab, which sits in Suvilahti right next to the construction site. The Living Lab functions as a co-creation space for different stakeholders in the construction process. It presents the apartments together with the novel service concept for high-rise living.

REDI Living Lab has served the various needs from management, corporate communication, marketing, apartment sales, retail space rental to service and product development.

Pentagon design case study - SRV


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“During the REDI Majakka apartment sale, I have opened the contract agreement file only twice. Before this, the file used to be one of my key tools in sales with the building permit and the sales documents. Now, I can just suggest that the client has a look at the scale model or visits the apartment itself. The sales process has taken a big leap.”

–Merja Rainio, Apartment Sales Manager at SRV

Pentagon design case study - SRV