Iittala & Arabia Vintage service


Iittala & Arabia Vintage service

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Vintage is a recycling service of old and used everyday tableware from Iittala and Arabia. Service enables customers to bring their own tableware to the Iittala and Arabia stores for resale. Used tableware is divided into three categories according to their condition and priced to the right price categories for new customers to find them.

The concept communicates to customers on a multi-level basis. Consumers can bring their own or inherited unused tableware for sale. These items are made available to other customers to find as part of their own daily life, celebration or as collectibles. The Vintage concept we designed, concretizes in many levels this recycling concept service model in the stores.

As a business model, the recycling service was piloted in a few Iittala stores and found to be an interesting concept for customers. The objectives was to productize the piloted service model and to concretize it, in terms of identity and store solution. As a result of concept design, a descriptive name was developed for the service and an identity that communicates about the recycling of used tableware, the long history of Iittala and Arabia, and significance of these brands for Finns.

As part of the concept, we designed a store solution with furniture elements that was visually in line with the Vintage graphical identity. The physical retail concept needed to communicate the service elements of the recycling concept so that both sales and purchasing experience would be as clear and easy as possible.

The vintage service was designed with the special features, needs and identity of different store concepts in mind. The most extensive implementation of the service was build at the Iittala Outlet stores and the smallest unit was designed for use by Iittala Flagship stores. The Vintage identity was designed so that it works seamlessly and in harmony with both Iittala and Arabia corporate identities because concept is part of both brands service portfolio. In addition to retail solution, we designed the most important graphic applications for Marketing taking account print and digital media. Photography production by Agency Leroy.

By bringing old tableware range to customers, Vintage concept carries an important message of sustainability. It also supports the current design philosophy and values of the existing modern product range of both brands. Iittala and Arabia tableware are long lasting and designed to be loved.

The vintage service gives old tableware a new life.

Pentagon iittala_Vintage

The concept enables the story of Iittala and Arabia’s iconic products to continue and concretizes the recycling service for customers.