Complete renewal of Mysoda home carbonator product portfolio

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Complete renewal of Mysoda home carbonator product portfolio to support international growth

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The global market for home carbonation is growing rapidly with an annual rise of several dozen percents. Mysoda is the sustainable challenger in the category. They offer a full concept in home carbonation: sparkling water makers, locally produced carbon dioxide and locally produced drink mixes. They differ by being truly local and sustainable, a constant innovator and distinguishingly stylish.

Mysoda assigned us to renew their brand concept and identity as well as the product portfolio to support their international growth. This case study focuses on the renewal of the product portfolio. The core aim for the product design process was to challenge the conventions of the category and reach a new level of sustainability through long lasting design.


A market research was carried out both in Finland and France to find out consumer preferences for the home carbonators. The key finding was that a majority of the consumers do not want excess appliances in their kitchens neither like the design of the existing offering in the market. The design drivers for the renewal were set on sustainability, stylish interior driven looks, compact design that is easy to place on the Kitchen counter.

Material research was carried out to identify a feasible alternative for fossil based ABS plastic. The research resulted UPM Formi Eco Ace bio composite that is 99% wood based. The project was carried out in close operation with the client, UPM (material producer) and the Chinese subcontractor responsible for the production of the new designs.


The project resulted a completely new product portfolio for Mysoda. The portfolio consists of three home carbonator models: Woody, Toby and Ruby. They all share the same unified design DNA and form a coherent brand building portfolio. Woody is the entry level model made out of UPM Formi Eco Ace wood composite. Toby offers the possibility of using the bigger 130 l carbon dioxide cylinder. Ruby is the high end model made of aluminium. The products are described more in detail on Mysoda web site.

Mysoda consumer research Finland
and France 2018

Over 50% of the consumers stayed away from home carbonation because there weren’t beautifully designed models available.

Source: Mysoda consumer reasearch, 08/2019, n = 300 FI, n = 300 FR


“Pentagon Design has proven to be a committed partner for our brand and product portfolio renewal”
– David Solomon, CEO of Mysoda

pentagon Mysoda

pentagon Mysoda

pentagon mysoda

pentagon mysoda

pentagon mysoda