Nest – a modular bathroom product line

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Comprehensive, Scandinavian design boosts the launch of an international product line

VitrA is one of the leading brands of Turkey-based Eczacıbaşı. Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division is a global industrial group with operates in building products, healthcare, and consumer products. Currently, the company exports its products to more than 75 countries and has become a globally recognized supplier of bathroom products and tiles by acquiring Engers Keramik, Villeroy & Boch Fliesen and Burgbad, alongside VitrA.

Our client presented us with the challenge of designing functional and Scandinavian mid-segment product line, which would be suitable for all current and future VitrA markets.


The design of the VitrA Nest product family followed the lines of a traditional design process, whereby we began to build the right market position for the product with the client.

VitrA had carried out market research on the target groups, which acted as the starting point for our design team. User needs were kept at the heart of each stage in the process.

Our main goal was to create a high-quality and well-designed bathroom product at a reasonable price point for everyday use. The market and user research, product concept and design, as well as the mechanical design, were implemented in collaboration with VitrA’s development team.


The all-inclusive product line is accessible to everyone, user-centered, timeless and trendy. The modular Nest product family includes faucets, sanitary ware, wash basins, cabinets and accessories. The collection adapts to various bathroom facilities; the range of furniture, accessories and colors allows customers to create many variations for both small and large bathrooms.

The design of Nest took into account the safe and comfortable use of bathroom facilities, the ease of cleaning and the versatility of storage solutions. The design language and color scheme of the products are inspired by nature. For example, the shapes of the washbasins follow the clean lines and smooth surfaces of water-refined rocks. The Nest bath products display practical, timeless design and carefully finished details.

The focus of the Nest product family is to serve the various needs of households. One of the core strengths of the products is also accessibility, which further acted as a source of inspiration for the Nest “Design for all” product extension. Whilst the extension fulfills the standards of accessibility and usability for public spaces, it is also aesthetically appealing for any homes.

Nest products bring Scandinavian luxury design to everyday use. They are safe, easy to use and hygienic. For VitrA, the Nest series is an important high-volume product line that generates increasing sales and revenues.

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