From recycled plastic to a home recycling solution

Orthex smartstore collect hallway


SmartStore™ Collect

Concept Design, Industrial Design, Product Design

Orthex SmartStore™ Collect is a new solution for the challenges of recycling. The objective for Orthex was to make it easier and more fun to make environmentally friendly choices for customers living in ever smaller spaces, with a special focus on recycling household packaging waste. The new SmartStore™ Collect product family provides the much-needed extra space for recycling. The challenge of recycling and sorting waste at home is worldwide and the new product family has been widely recognized abroad at its launch and it has received several international design awards such as the Red Dot Product Design Award 2020, the German Design Award 2020, and the ICONIC AWARD 2020.


In the design process, we had to take into account both the principles of the SmartStore™ family and the promise of an “Expert of smart storage”. The purpose of the product is to provide useful functionality and long-lasting design that fits the interior, without compromising on the quality and physical durability of the products. The main focus was to respond to the challenge of sorting with a timeless product that doesn’t need to be hidden.


The new SmartStore™ Collect consists of a box made of recycled plastic, three recycle bins and a bamboo lid. The clean design language allows SmartStore™ Collect to be used for sorting more than just house hold waste, such as toys. Thanks to its robust design, the product can also act as a stool: the versatility and design that fits in the interior make it possible to have the product on display in small homes as well.

SmartStore™ is an expert of smart storage with products designed to solve everyday challenges of storage. The SmartStore™ Collect product family offers a versatile and timeless solution for sorting household waste.