Updating the iconic Muurame brand


A brand whose values are also nurtured by customers.

Brand concepts, Graphic design, Design & brand manuals, Visual identity & guidelines, Concept design, Brand storytelling, ui&ux design

The guiding idea throughout the design process was to bring greater awareness of the Muurame brand and its furniture classics to both current and new customers, as well as to advance an image of the company as a high-quality furniture manufacturer and Finnish family business.

The aim of the brand renewal process was to develop both the experience of customers at the online store and the attractiveness of the brand across various channels. We also sought to highlight the company’s position as a Finnish family business and a classic furniture house. We designed an attractive and approachable visual identity to serve the digital world and to improve the brand experience on the revised website – including a new platform for the online store, inspiring visuals, and a new image concept.


The project was started by engaging in a co-design process with Muurame to build an understanding of the target customer group and the brand’s core dimensions and values: in other words, what Muurame represents now and what it will represent in years to come. This conceptual planning process involved design drivers and communication guidelines that transpire in all of Muurame’s activities.

Muurame’s renewed visual outlook and website were designed to take into account the needs of multichannel and digital environments. The upcoming website was built to resonate with the correct target group, and to take a clear leap towards a first-rate brand image that is even bolder than before.


Muurame’s new visual identity is versatile and serves the many needs of both physical and digital spheres. The new look is especially tailored for the online world to call attention to both the company’s contemporary designs and its iconic furniture classics. The brand identity draws from Muurame’s history and the strong use of colour from the 1950s. The look is clear, modern, and playful in its use of primary colours. The simplified formal language serves to also direct visual communication. The online store and website were built by our collaborator Red and Blue, a design agency with expertise on developing customer-driven online stores and websites. The photographic concept was developed together with Duotone.

Muurame’s website serves as inspiration and proposes particular products, while guiding visitors through an effortless and carefully crafted shopping experience.

Muurame’s core consists of a focus on the user, on modularity, flexibility, functionality, timelessness, and an honest design language.