Design and brand
renewal to accelerate
Mysoda’s international


Design and brand renewal to accelerate Mysoda's international growth

We have worked in tight collaboration with Mysoda since 2018 to develop their brand and products. Our partnership has enabled continuous development of the concept and identifying new opportunities for generating value for the client. As a co-operative partner of Mysoda, we are able to proactively discover and suggest new solutions as well as bring our expertise to support the decision-making of the client.

Mysoda’s solution is a holistic, sustainable concept that includes both sustainable products, the world’s most local water from your own faucet, and locally produced carbon dioxide cylinders that can be exchanged at convenience stores. Our collaboration with Mysoda has included user studies in various markets as a basis for development and a comprehensive overhaul of the brand and product portfolio for international growth.

Client understanding and insight as a basis for the reform

The user studies were conducted in two phases in both the Finnish and French markets.

From the results of the first phase of the study, we found out the market situation in terms of how people understand carbonation equipment, how they behave, what they are interested in, and where there are opportunities for differentiation from Mysoda’s perspective.

In the second phase of the study, we focused on testing and validating initial ideas for brand development in the marketplace.

“Pentagon Design has been a strategic one-stop-shop design, insight and branding partner boosting our entry to the new markets and strengthening our global position.”


Development of Mysoda’s brand strategy

The work of defining the brand strategy was carried out in close co-operation with the customer, combining both customer understanding and anticipation of changes in the operating environment to the work.

The brand strategy and the brand platform were compiled into a Brand Book, which is intended to inspire, unify and streamline international brand development work in different markets.

The Brand Book includes the core characteristics of Mysoda’s brand and concept, crystallization of purpose, presentation of value proposition, positioning, and means of differentiation.

In addition, the Brand Book includes guidelines on values ​​and ways of doing things to make it easy to join brand-like operations and to make values ​​become a reality in all of Mysoda’s operations.

Alongside brand strategy work, we considered Mysoda’s path to purchase in a customer-oriented manner; the content of each stage, needs and potential barriers from the users’ point of view.

Based on the analysis, we proceeded together to come up with ideas for Mysoda’s content strategy and the development of thought leadership on selected topics. We compiled the content development guidelines into Mysoda’s content strategy, which aims to be the backbone and a collective summary of topics and perspectives that are important to the brand.

The visual identity of Mysoda

The development of the visual identity involved defining the core of the Mysoda brand, the main messages and distinctive messages, and the brand personality in a customer-oriented manner, not forgetting the definition of the brand tone.

Visual identity draws on approachability, high quality, and everyday joy. Mysoda’s visual identity aims to be consistent from products to brand experience across channels.

Mysoda’s visual identity, elements from logo to typography, colors, and picograms, and examples of application were collected in the Visual Identity Guidelines.

Infographics play a significant role in Mysoda brand communication. We designed the visual illustrations of the overall concept of Mysoda, the crystallization of the benefits, as well as, for example, the infographics displayed on the packaging with various pictograms.



Product portfolio reform

We designed a portfolio of three new sparkling water makers. The new product range includes Woody, Toby, and Ruby models. Read more about the reform here.

pentagon Mysoda

This product is the perfect embodiment of good design principles, satisfying on so many levels. It is visually pleasing and useful, environmentally forward-thinking and even trailblazing in its use of wood-based material. In every detail, the Mysoda Woody is a beautifully-designed product. Wow!

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